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Cruising across the waters of the city of Love is the most romantic bliss ever. Be it the main Seine River or the Canals, they are sure to mesmerize every traveler with its beauty. Lac de Saint-Mande, Canal Saint –Martin, Marne, Seine, Canale de I’Ourcq are competing in attracting the tourists visiting from all across the globe. Aesthetically significant neighborhoods too can be explored in the cruises.

Traveling on Canale de I’Ourcq

Cruising across the smallest navigable canal in France is a mesmerizing experience, which connects Trilbardou Town with the mainland. The cruise would cover various landmarks like rows of poplar and romantic stone bridge. The traditional techniques of 19th-century horse-drawn boater are revived in this lovely waterway route.

Cruising Seine with Paris Canal

Besides the fact that the River Seine can be seen from every nook and corners of prominent historical spaces, the real beauty of the water body can be experienced by traveling on special Paris private tours. Traditional French music can be heard in the background while cruising near to Lourve, Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame.

Sailing across River Marne

In the cruise route, the places from Paris and Bry-sur-Marne are covered. Several of those cruises start from Arsenal Marina, moving through Place de la Bastille’s July Column to reach the Seine. In the cruise, the magnificent side of iconic Notre Dame can be captured beside the majestic Bibliothèque de France. The canal had been lined with several charming guingettes.

Voyaging on Un Bateau à Paris

The basic design of the boat says a lot about the cruise route they are sailing. These boats will have glass rooftops and can accommodate a large group. The boats voyaging through the route are medium-sized, though with a different design.

Exploring Paris on a 24-foot Pontoon

The private kind of cruising can be indulged in these routes, with the backup of either Spanish or English commentary or music of your choice. Specific skippers will be arranged for the pontoons. Travelers come in groups or in a mixture of groups.

Boat tours on Marin d’EauDouce

The operators of this route allow the passengers to act as the captain of the ship. The boats are rather smaller, which are very apt to sail in the intricate canals of Paris without many difficulties. The scenic route extends up to 40 kilometers across the Canal de I’Ourcq,Bassin de Villette and Canal Saint Martin.