The Secrets of the Knights Templars: Protectors or Treasure Hunters

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France is known globally for its famous attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Palace of Versailles, and many others. However, not many know that this incredible country has many secrets too, and one such fascinating thing is about the history of Knights Templars.

The Secrets of the Knights Templars

The Knight Templars were a secret society whose true purpose remains unknown even up to this day. Modern archeologists have discovered many clues that were left behind by the Templars in many of the ancient documents. There are many mysteries about them though, such as whether they were sent by higher authorities to protect Christian pilgrims or for treasure hunting.

By 1118 to 1119, a French Knight named Hugh des Payens found a religious military knighthood order for Christians whose members were called the Knights Templars. They were the strongest order for two centuries during the Middle Ages, and became the army of Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire.

The organization was believed to be found by nine Knights who had a direct blood relation to one another or were related through marriage. The Knights Templars were a paradox though, as they were both monks as well as soldiers. It was also believed that as they were battling in the name of God, they would be directly sent up to heaven upon losing their lives in the battle.

You could find hundreds of scattered templar sites in Europe even today. With the boom of their power, there were almost 15,000 templar houses with their connections extending from England to Egypt. France was the most important center of this society.

History says that the true function of the Knights Templars was to protect the people traveling from the Mediterranean to Jerusalem. However, they also had the responsibility for protecting the holy sites of Jerusalem.

In 1187, when the Muslims took hold of the holy land, the Knights Templars lost their true purpose. When the Muslims closed the walkway to Jerusalem, the Knights Templars lost their reason for existence. They were also regarded as an obstacle to the power structure, as they had a lot of wealth and political power.

In 1307, King Philip ordered all the Knights Templars living in France to be arrested. He also seized all their properties and charged them with serious offenses. Since then, all the activities of the Templar society went underground and remained a puzzling mystery to the public.