Things All Americans Should Know before Traveling to Paris

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It is a fact that the majority of tourists coming to Paris each year hail from the United States. If you are an average Joe planning to visit Paris soon, below are some things for you to know before you set off on your journey.

The Local Holidays

It is very important for you to know the local holidays in the city of Paris, simply because they are different from those enjoyed stateside. Though the two do have some common holidays, there are also some local holidays which are unique to Paris city.

Information about the U.S Embassy

Before you start your journey to Paris, make sure that you have the details of the U.S embassy in Paris. They can help you out with any problems you face in the city, whether it is the loss of a passport, a medical situation, or anything in between.

The Floor Difference

The Americans consider the ground floor of a building as the first floor, whereas the Europeans consider the floor above the ground floor as the first floor. Have this understanding beforehand so that you will not be confused once you are there.

The Importance of Carrying your Walking Shoes

Paris is a city which serves up much to be explored on foot. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of it if you take a walking tour through the city, so make sure that you carry your walking shoes with you on your journey to Paris.

The Vital Basics

For the average American, Paris is part of a world outside of their general area of expertise. It is necessary to have a basic understanding of the place you are going to visit on your tours. Know that the language spoken in Paris is French and that the currency used there is the Euro.

Some Words In French

Knowing the language of the place you are visiting can enhance your experience greatly. It is good to get a slight crash course from a book or a tutor and learn some important and commonly used French words before starting on your trip to Paris. Meanwhile, English is spoken almost everywhere in Paris, so you need not worry about a language barrier.

How to Get Tourist Tickets In Advance

Paris is a city which receives a large number of visitors all through the year. It will be in your best interests to book tickets to some major tourist sites in advance, or there is every chance you will have to wait in long lines.