Top 5 Mysterious Places to Visit During your Paris Sightseeing Tours

Paris Sightseeing Tours

Mysterious Places To Visit

If you are into fun and creeps, and want to explore mystifying beings in Paris, the city has plenty to offer to you. Apart from the Père-Lachaise cemetery and the Catacombs of Paris, you can explore much more in the City of Lights to add to your spooky adventure time. Below are top five places in Paris having creepy undertones and a mystifying ambiance. These places will let you explore beyond the picture postcard beauty of the city during your Paris sightseeing tours.

Le Musée des Vampires

The world’s only vampire museum is located in a gloomy passage near Porte des Lilas in Paris, which is run by Jacques Sirgent, an author cum film director, and a vampire collector. You can find plenty of vampire props and other creepy objects in the museum near by the metro, amuse yourselves seeing the myth, and explore some folklore.

Le Manoir de Paris

Manoir de Paris play hosts to a show named “The Legends of Paris,” a permanent fixture in the “haunted house” since the year 2011. The show would give the visitors a walk-through into the dark chapters of Parisian history on two separate floors. You would come across the “Man in the Iron Mask”, the ghost of Tuileries Gardens, and more in Le Manoir de Paris.

The Cimetière du Montparnasse

The cemetery in the 14th arrondissement is the second largest cemetery in Paris. The 45-acre landscape resembles an open-field park holding aboard tombstones and historic monuments in place. You can see the resting place of the dignitaries Frédéric Auguste, Bartholdi, Brancusi, Man Ray, and Henri Laurens here.

The Musée des Egouts

Acquaint the history of the sewers, from ancient France to the present day, in the sewer museum in Paris. Since 1850, during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte, the covered sewer network had carried drain water from the streets, drinking water from the Seine, and those used to clean the streets in Paris. The tunnels are always creepy, so think about spending an hour somewhere in there during your Paris sightseeing tours.

The Musée Fragonard

The studying aids here were either sculptured in colored wax or produced from real things including organs, vascular systems, and limbs preserved in formaldehyde in the 18th Century French medical schools. The veterinarian cum surgeon Honoré Fragonard used to preserve flayed human figures and most his collections are on display in Musée Fragonard. Call it some sort of twisted imagination, but the displays here will mystify and intrigue you when you are on Paris sightseeing tours.