Top Vegan Cafes in Paris

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Paris is a city full of attractions with diverse options. When it comes to its cuisine, the city is no different. The city offers a wealth of cafes that serve vegan food. As people become more conscious of their diet, these cafes started offering organic plant-based vegan food for them. Below is a discussion of some of the top vegan cafes you can visit on your Paris Private Tours.

Le Potager De Charlotte

Le Potager De Charlotte is a tiny café that was established in 2015 and offers European style cuisine. It mainly provides gluten-free, seasonal, and local food items that are all vegan. There are interesting items like rice and chickpea pancake with espelette pepper toppings and squash seeds. Another of their specialties include pancake coupled with cashew cream, fresh chives, roasted shallots, and soba noodles. You can also try the Indian spicy soy cream and lemon curd dessert.

Hank Pizza

Hank Pizza abbreviates as Have A Nice Karma. It focuses on vegan burgers and has another store which serves vegan pizzas. They apply 100% vegan fare and use flavors and tastes that could surprise you. They offer a variety of options as toppings for pizzas. Further, there are options like vegan cheese, red onions, mushrooms, potatoes, vegan chorizo, or creamy truffle sauce. You can also get barbecue smoked burgers with basil sauce coating or infused with figs.

42 Degrés

The owners of this restaurant named it for the highest temperature that they like all their ingredients to be treated. Their menu offers a completely vegan and raw cuisine. Under these conditions, they serve raw salads, portobello burgers, mini burgers, and fresh smoothies. Apart from these, their attractions include vegan cheese plate, Jerusalem artichokes, and raw lime desserts.


Supernature was opened by health-conscious food lovers. Their food is delicious yet highly nutritious. Some of the most popular options include chocolate brownie made out of granola, coconut milk dessert, organic salad bowls, chestnut honey, a rich carrot cake, avocado-based veggie sandwich, and brunch which is also a detox item.

Vegan Folie’s

The specialty of Vegan Folie is its desserts. It can be said that this place is a must-visit for a vegan who loves sweets. Their specialty includes cupcakes that are of different flavors like pineapple, orange blossom, and rose and almond. Apart from these, they also serve cheesecakes, ice creams, vegan tarts which are served in flavors of vanilla genoise, hazelnut, and salt chocolate.

Make sure you visit the above cafes if you are a vegan traveler on a visit to the French capital.