Some of the Unusual Restaurants in Paris

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Paris has a host of restaurants that will please travelers of all tastes. You may have filled yourself up at these places in the first days of your visit. However, few places may not have featured in your list, but they deserve a spot for the diverse experience they offer. Each of these restaurants comes with a peculiarity which adds to the experience of dining here. Take home a different dining experience as you return from the city of lights. Read on to discover more about the unusual restaurants in the city you can visit after your Paris Private tours.

Le Dénicheur

This is a little restaurant in the 2nd arrondissement. It is a unique place with an original design. You are immersed in a kitschy universe with the ceiling decorated with lighted globes and piles of plush toys and all kinds of objects around. Inside it feels like an attic. The place is retro, joyful, energetic, and full of bright colors. There is no denying that there is more to the ambiance and decor than the menu and the dishes offered. The eating options are comparatively basic, but the place is a must-see.

Le Wagon bleu

Visit the Wagon Bleu to immerse yourself in a twenties experience. As for the appearance, you will find a traditional yard and a café with a bar. When you go further inside, you locate an old train. This bistro runs on the brilliant idea of opening for business within the old Orient Express. They serve French and Corsican dishes, and in beverages, there is an elaborate bourbon menu. Note that it is better to have reservations made before your visit.

Blue Elephant

In the heart of Paris, you could find a little piece of ecstasy. Dive into the unique setting of the Blue Elephant, where a Thai restaurant of peace awaits you. The place offers a unique and peaceful atmosphere, where you can find rich vegetation, with plants teeming, and the sound of fish swimming around the flowing water. Everything adds to the soothing experience here. Above all, you can taste the delicacy of Thai cuisine. Head there for lunch or dinner, and if you have the opportunity, check out the Sunday brunch. The place offers such authentic Thai vibes that you might think you are in Thailand.

Dans le noir (in obscurity)

This place will allow you to get mesmerized if you soak in the experience fully. The name of the place is not misleading because you actually eat in the dark here. When your visuals are blocked, it awakens all other senses of your body. You will be able to smell, touch, and taste properly. Besides, the staff themselves are visually impaired as they assist you in this journey. It is a good way to raise awareness about this disability.

Le Capitaine fracasse

This place is ideal if you are looking for a nostalgic dinner. In case you were looking for something extraordinary on top of that, head to Le Capitaine fracases. Here, you get to enjoy your feast as you glide along the Seine River. You can take in the fresh vibes of the river and appreciate the cooking by the gourmet expert who happens to hold the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France. You can get a unique perspective of Paris from the river as you eat away merrily after your Paris Private Tours.

Coco de Mer

If you are looking for the perfect escape, visit Seychelles at Coco de Mer. In this restaurant, you can enjoy new authentic food from the Seychelles islands, with your feet in the sand and beautiful songs playing. It is a highly recommended dining experience, and a perfect spot to get away from the busy life of Paris.

Sur un arbre perché

Sur un arbre perché is located close to the heart of the city. The place is rightly named as the experience is similar to dining inside a lodge or a suspended bridge. The place offers great ambiance apart from the interesting dishes. The café also provides shiatsu rubs inside. The place is undoubtedly unique. However, considering the demand for the place, make sure you make reservations before your visit.

Le sud

A visit to Le sud ensures a trip to the heart of the French Provence which is also known for the sun. It has an elaborate layout featuring the warm shades that suits a Provencal town. The specialties served here include the standard local dishes like Bourride fish stew. You can find these dishes at a reasonable cost and with a peaceful ambiance.

Paris is famous for its eateries and the variety of cuisines you can try in these locations. Above are some of the unusual restaurants in the French capital that you can visit after your Paris Private tours.