Some Unusual Sights To Enjoy When In Paris

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Private Paris Tour

Private Paris Tour

Even if you have been to Paris many times before, there are offbeat sights to be had in the capital city of France. We have compiled a list of four unusual things you must see when on a private Paris tour program.

A Statue Of Liberty Copy

Paris is home to five replicas of the Statue Of Liberty. The original statue was France’s present to America.

You will see the biggest replica of it under Pont de Grenelle on Île aux Cygnes. For an uninitiated, the word ‘Pont’ is French for bridge, and ‘Île’ means island. A smaller replica is located in the Luxembourg Gardens, to the west of Rue Guynemer (rue for street). The Musée d’Orsay (Orsay Museum) has a different Statue of Liberty replica, and the Museum of Arts and Crafts houses the rest two copies of it.

Le Défenseur du Temps

This is a mechanical artwork represented as a clock made by Jacques Monestier. It comprises a man’s figure holding a weapon and battling against a dragon, crab and bird. The clock does not work any longer, but it was programmed in such a way that its animals attacked randomly, and occasionally at once. Made from gold leaf and brass, the 13-foot-tall clockwork resides in the Horloge district (Quartier de l’Horloge).

The Oldest Existing Clock In Paris

When on Paris private tours, find time to look at the city’s oldest clock with an ornate design on the palatial building Conciergerie’s clock tower. The clock dating back to the 14th century works in a perfect fashion even today. Figures to the right and left sides of its dial symbolize Justice and Law. Marie Antoinette, France’s last queen, was held captive in the old property before her beheading on October 16, 1793.

Buildings With Art Nouveau Style Designed By Jules Lavirotte

Aficionados of architecture are sure to like the apartments designed by the French architect namely Jules Aimé Lavirotte. Sculptures, ornate columns and balconies, plus ceramic tiles fitted with glass panes, are on the striking front parts of the buildings. Be sure to watch the namesake Lavirotte Building. The other works by Lavirotte residing close to it, and these creations have curvy windows, striking doors, balcony rails, plus exterior fountains. Architecture fans can see more properties designed by him in the eight administrative district of Paris, which include the Hôtel Elysées Ceramic.