What Tourists May Expect to Catch in Paris Private Tours This Fall Season

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Just as summer changes into winter, the Paris private tours come abuzz, although a passerby would find warmth by the River Seine in Paris all year. Visiting the nooks and corners of the City of Lights all year is one of the enduring aspects of a Paris tour, but come fall season, there are plenty of events, that will make Parisians and tourists happy. Below are three festivities, which the tourists may expect to catch in Paris city this fall season.

The Paris Fashion Week

The Paris Fashion Week lures thousands of visitors into the City of Lights each year. Both men and women take the streets of Paris wearing designer clothes, but most Paris tour guides say that this fall, the visitor turnover will become tenfold. This year, September 26 will mark the start of Paris Fashion Week, which will run until October 3. Some say it is that time in the year, when trendy designers boast about their upcoming collections.

The La Nuit Blanche

Parisians stay active well into the night and the subsequent day with La Nuit Blanche, the sleepless night. La Nuit Blanche will have carnivals, cultural celebrations, and modern art fests by the banks of the River Seine as expected, but much more is on the cards this year. Nearly every Parisian will take the city by the storm come October, so enjoy the vibe that lasts a night in Paris.

Museum Festivities

The Grand Palais will open an exhibit in loving memory of American photographer Irving Penn and that will prolong until January. Obviously, a new season marks a new beginning for the Paris museum. With plenty to see, you will enjoy an exclusive visit to Parisian museums this fall, and if possible, include the Grand Palais as well to your Paris private tours itinerary this September.

When on Paris private tours, check out the Paris Plages, a carnival by the artificial beaches by the River Seine and run by the mayor when summer changes into winter season. A trip to the City of Lights has something to enjoy for one and all, which is why many tourists fall in love with Paris in fall.