Are Titanium Rings Prone to Scratching?

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This is a doubt people have been raising for a long time. Numerous individuals have the thought that titanium rings are scratch-resistant. Is it accurate to say that they are? Nope, they are certainly not scratch proof. There are several reasons why people believe that titanium is scratch resistant. Below is a discussion on the same and the reasons behind this belief.

The Reason

The major reason is that individuals get the characteristics of titanium somewhat confused. You may even have read about the same in Beverly Diamond Reviews. Titanium is very solid, yet it is not incredibly hard. There is a clear distinction between ‘hard’ and ‘solid’. Titanium is not as hard as you would have thought. It might be harder than gold, silver or platinum, but it is not as hard as tungsten carbide. On the Mohs grading scale of hardness, it shows 6.5. Note that Tungsten is in the range of 8.5 to 9.0. At a range of 6.5 on the Mohs scale, materials begin to scratch.

There is no question regarding its immense strength. Furthermore, it has a stunning tensile strength. In light of its quality, you will not be able to scratch a titanium ring. You will not twist it or deform it while wearing it. Notably, it will not break, or chip. Despite all these facts, it will scratch.

During the typical course of wearing a titanium ring, you will see little scratches beginning to show up. This is observed to be ordinary. The initial couple of scratches on your titanium ring may surprise you. However, as time passes, the ring will build up a characteristic silk patina over the entire ring.

Can Titanium Rings Be Restored?

Yes! It is possible. You can effectively get a diamond setter to take your “patina-ed” ring and take it back to new condition with a high clean mirror coating. Generally, it takes around 10 – 15 minutes to take the ring back to its refreshed state.

In case your ring had a glossy silk finish you can even do this without anyone else’s help at home. You have to purchase a nylon cushion at your nearby supermarket. After that, rub the cushion forward and backward over the ring to reestablish the delicate brush finish. Flush off and observe the ring. It is sure that your ring looks extraordinary once more.

Next time you buy titanium rings, make sure you remember the above factors.