Cell Tower Locations: How To Check What’s Best For You?

The trick to solving your connectivity issues is to find out where your nearest cell tower is at. The quality and strength of your signal are dictated by the factors playing out with your cell tower. If there are many obstacles be it a distant hill, forest or even a man-made structure, the cell signal can be severely compromised and weakened as a result.

What you end up with is bad reception, subpar voice call quality or none at all, snail pace internet speeds that are so bad, that you are better off hand delivering the message. So before you go off ranting about how bad your network cell provider is to your neighbors, first check where your cell tower is. Based on this information, you will know if a cellular antenna booster will work for you, or not.

Cell Tower Locations

if you are someone living in the US, then simply checking the registry with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), will yield you some information. You can also download certain apps that have the satellite real-time image of the various cell towers in your vicinity. Apps such as Ookla is a cell speed test application that tells you not only the nearest cell tower but also the various parameters like reliability and network speeds.

You can simply pan out and see if these are nearby. You will also get the information relating to the technical aspects of the tower and the service provider it belongs to.

You can check websites that have carrier maps. Some of these websites are Antenna Search, Root Metrics and Cell Reception. Most of these sites not only give you the tower location but also accurate, unbiased and scientific results relating to the coverage area and cellular performance of each provider/cell tower.

Websites like Root Metrics will give you the carrier ratings, the overall network reliability, the upload and download speeds, the call connectivity and the text connectivity. All of these results are 3rd party, independent and are tested individually, for all the carriers that you can possibly imagine.

The Final Note

Using the information known to you, you can decide or ask the advice of an expert. You will know if you should change to a separate cell network provider or should you get a cellular antenna booster to help meet your ends, or maybe both. Research well and make a buy, and in the case of a cellular antenna booster, you generally won’t go wrong!