Checking the Balance and Tension of your Garage Door

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Garage doors will move perfectly when in proper balance. When balanced properly, the doors will feel neither too light nor too heavy. When they are balanced properly, garage doors will hang at the level that you decide. However, many garage doors lose their perfect balancing when they are not maintained properly. This is why it is important to check the balance of garage doors and make the necessary adjustments. Sometimes, the garage door spring needs to be replaced for the door to function properly.

Adjusting or replacing the spring of a garage door should only be done by professionals as spring replacement is a really dangerous task. Torsion springs, as the name suggests, will be under very high tension and will need specialized tools for replacement and adjustment.

Checking the Balance of your Garage Door

Before adjusting the garage door, you will need to find the direction in which the door is out of balance. For this, it is necessary to disconnect the door from the opener and check how properly the door hangs on. You may then run the door up and down to find if the door moves in its track without any hindrance. When doing garage door repairs, It is important to fix all the other issues with the garage door before adjusting the balance of the door.

If you find that the door is moving smoothly in its track, you can run the door up about halfway and release it. If everything is okay, the door will stay in its place without moving down or upwards. In most of the cases, the door might fall down as the garage door spring might have lost its tension.

Adjusting Extension Spring Garage Doors

Before adjusting an extension spring garage door, you need to take all the tension off the door. This is really important and you should not even touch the spring without taking off the tension. To adjust the extension spring, you need to open the garage door all the way up. Make sure to open the door as wide as you can and use a ladder to prop it up. You may then release the safety cables of the spring and check for any wear and tear.

If the spring is not in good condition, you need to get it replaced by a professional garage door replacement service provider as soon as possible.