Mistakes to Avoid While Making your Web Design

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Web Design Mistakes

Website design has advanced enormously in terms of technology since its advent in the 1990s. There are many old features that have gone out of use for several years now. Meanwhile, there are also certain attributes which remain the same. Below is a discussion on the mistakes you need to avoid when it comes to web design done by an SEO company Los Angeles has to offer.

Not Telling Your Customers Immediately What Their Services and Goals Are

This is one of the biggest mistakes repeated by web designers. An average user forms an opinion about your company in the first few moments within your website loading. Therefore, it is important to portray exactly what you are, through the first thing you choose to display. Make sure to place your products and services at the fore, and other trust-building elements such as industry affiliates, testimonials, and awards alongside it.

Not Choosing a Mobile Friendly Design

Mobile-friendliness is an important aspect of any website nowadays. About 48% of users said that they felt a mobile website did not give them what they were looking for if it failed to load well. More than half of the users said that the experience made them rethink engagement with the company.

Not Making a Website That Loads Fast

People are generally impatient nowadays, and more so if they are operating online. People like things served up fast. This means if you do not have a fast website, chances are that visitors will leave your site straight away.

Statistics show that about half of users on the internet leave a website if it fails to load in under 2 seconds. With that in mind, you need to make sure you hire a search engine optimization company which can build you a fast loading mechanism for this site.

Using Links That Open Content on a Different Web Browser

Some links lead the user to different web pages on a different browser, and are a surefire recipe for bad user experience, and by extension, online business disaster. Such links slow down browsing by using more bandwidth, and it also make navigation difficult, if not more difficult than it already is. There is a high probability that the user would leave instead of taking on the pain to reach your content.

Not Using User-Friendly Fonts

There are occasions when you struggle to read the text written on a website. This is a huge disadvantage, as most people simply leave instead of straining to read the diminutive text. Make sure you use text at more than 14x, and have it set up in reader-friendly fonts.