Who Is Responsible For a California Construction Site Accident?

Construction Site Accident

Construction Site Accident

Various parties can be found liable for accidents that happen on construction sites. This is in part because today’s construction venues are much more complicated compared to what these were once. Many different businesses tend to be involved in construction. A construction venue accident may be one manufacturer or contractor’s fault, or the responsibility may be divided in many ways, likely among various companies. Read on to know more about construction accidents and possible liable parties.

Responsibility through Workers’ Compensation

Construction workers have to bring one claim against the company that employs them under California’s workers’ comp statute. Under California’s law, construction businesses in the state have to have no-fault insurance coverage for workers. All who work for construction businesses here have to be protected against a likely contingency by it. The injured employee need not prove that that company did something wrong to qualify for workers’ comp benefits.

Construction Site Accident: Negligence Claim

Unfortunately, workers’ comp will not always be enough to compensate one for the whole value of his or her damages. However, other legal remedies may be available to that injured victim. He or she can bring an injury claim against parties except for their employer in the event that they caused his or her accident. That means those other parties may be responsible for the injured employee’s damages. In such cases, the injured one has to prove those parties’ fault to get back financial compensation through a third-party liability claim.

Personal Injury Claim: Non-Employees

There are cases where non-employees are hurt in construction venue accidents. That could happen in various circumstances, like say, a falling item injuring one who walks by the site or an explosion there injuring one in a nearby building.

When this happens, the non-worker is entitled to bring an injury claim against the concerned construction business. Then again, it is a form of fault-based lawsuit. The injured party must be capable of proving that that entity’s negligent behavior contributed to their accident. By hiring a skilled and experienced injury attorney, one can recover compensation for his or her injuries and expenses associated with those injuries.

Construction accident cases are complex because a number of parties may be involved in these legal matters. If your loved one is experiencing such a tragic situation, you must consult with an experienced construction site accident lawyer.