Staying Connected Via Cell Phone In The Busy Streets Of Paris?

Imagine this: You are walking down the stone paved roads past the picturesque edifice of the Arc de Triomphe, and you call your family back in your home country to share with them, the amazing spectacles and electricity in the air of the City of Love. But as you are about to call, your phone’s signal bar seemingly vanishes and leaves you with a red cross squarely painted across it! The signal went yet again!

This would be a situation that even your worst enemies wouldn’t want to wish on you. Paris with all of its sights and attractions to share, you need to be able to stay connected and bookmark these moments with all those who you wished be by your side. Or what if you are on an important business trip, and you need to stay connected with your clients in Tokyo? What is the picture they would paint about you if they keep experiencing call drops at your end? This is a situation that can be avoided with a simple yet ingenious piece of tech: The signal Booster!

What Is It?

The signal booster is a portable technology that does the sole job of making your life easy! You can have it as a portable signal booster to carry on you while you move around the city or for your hotel office that you’ll be expected to stay in for a month on business needs.

How Does It Work?

The signal booster works by catching onto the weak signals of a nearby cell tower. The signal gets weak as a result of interference or the high user traffic on its network. The weak signal is then boosted with the help of an amplifier, and the boosted signal of your H2O Wireless or your orange network is given to your phone on a silver platter! How much more easier can your phone have it?!

The result of using a signal booster is that your phone has to work less hard and this directly shows in the consumption. Your phone ends up working longer! You will be facing less number of call drops and be connected with the rest of the world at all times of the day, every day! Your internet speed will be anything but slow, and you can surf with blazing speeds. Make your journey in Paris more special and memorable, and get you’re a cell phone booster!