Top Tips for Apparel Designing and Selecting Colors That Sell

Clothing Manufacturers

Clothing Manufacturers

One of the most important factors that can decide if apparel is a success or failure is its color. Many factors need to be considered while picking colors for your apparel. You would mostly be amused to discover the various ways in which the choice of colors affects the cost of production to sales.

Most apparel manufacturers near me who are at the color-picking stage of the process of design and development stick on to these few tips of the trade that can be beneficial to cut down the overall cost of their business while making high quality garments.

Color Tones and Shades to Hit your Target Market

Considering the ones who are in the target market, the occasions they buy the clothing for, age range, colors that suit their need, skin tones, etc. should be seriously considered while deciding on the shade/color. Apparel manufacturers should take the color theory into consideration which can be useful to decide whether you should choose warm or cool shades.

Always Strive for Timeless Styles

Timeless means that it would stay in its style after many seasons and this is an appealing factor for most consumers. Customers who know about the dangers of fast fashion are always conscious of choosing by investing in lost-lasting clothes, and the color is one of the factors that play a major role in this. Neutral colors are mostly selected for women, forest green and deep blue are selected for men, and pastels are selected for kids.

Check your Inventory

There is nothing wrong with recycling your current stock of materials and selecting colors for making new designs that often compliment your products that are in your current or past collections. Promoting the sale of old clothes along with new ones can often show the consumers the potential of the two pieces which can, in turn, inspire them to try a few of it for themselves.

Check the Fashion Forecast

Choosing the shade for fabrics by following the forecasted trends can be beneficial to bring success for your company. There are a lot of resources like Fashion Snoops and WSGN that are very helpful for selecting the colors for garments because most of them are using proven algorithms for determining what would be trending in the next season. Trendy colors are mostly determined by what was on the move during the previous season. In addition to this, there are many online resources that help manufacturers to get on the right path of color selection.