3 Must-Visit Streets in the Le Marais Neighborhood

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Tourists who have visited the Le Marais neighborhood during their private tours Paris will be a bit shocked to hear that this trendy Parisian neighborhood was once just a swamp. Le Marais has dramatically changed over the years and it is currently one of the most visited neighborhoods in the City of Lights.

If you are going on Paris private tours for the first time in your life and wish to explore the city to its fullest, then you should make time to visit the Le Marais neighborhood. The secret alleys, tiny arcades, discrete parks, and other lesser-known attractions in the neighborhood will allow you to learn more about the culture and tradition of the Parisians.

The Le Marais neighborhood of Paris, which became a hub for LGBT supporters in the French capital, is immensely famous among both tourists and natives for its unique combination of culture, food, and fashion. Some of the must-visit streets in the Le Marais neighborhood are as follows.

Le Passage De L’ancre

Le passage de l’Ancre, which is popularly known as Anchor’s passage, is one of the elegant streets in Le Marais. The silent yet colorful atmosphere of this street will make you feel relaxed and calm. You will be able to see a number of shops while taking a stroll through the picturesque streets of Le passage de l’Ancre. At the end of the street, you can find the Pep’s shop, which is actually a little boutique specialized in walking sticks, parasols, and umbrellas.

Village St-Paul

Village St-Paul is considered as one of the finest streets in the City of Lights and it is arguably the best street in the Le Marais neighborhood. If you are a person who loves to buy antique objects and art pieces, then you should head straight to Village St-Paul; you can find more than 200 antique shops here. Moreover, there are also several good and cheap restaurants in this street, where you can enjoy a fine dining experience.

Rue des Rosiers

The Rue des Rosiers in the Le Marais neighborhood is a famous Jewish street and it is filled with Parisian Jews. The specialized Hebraic bookstores, delicious restaurants, famous stores, and the synagogue in Rue des Rosiers will urge you to revisit this Parisian street. You will be able to find plenty of Jews who are dressed in traditional clothes and kippas while visiting the shops in the Rue des Rosiers street.