3 Secret Destinations in Known Parisian Tour Destinations

Private Tours Paris
Private Tours Paris

Secret Parisian Tour Destinations

Each and every Paris tour guide would say that Paris city has many best-kept secrets. Take a look below and you may be surprised to know some facts about your favorite tour hubs in the City of Lights.

Planning an itinerary is common when you tour prominent locations in the heart of Paris city. The itinerary may include places such as the Eiffel Tower and the Jardin de Luxembourg in Paris and other Parisian destinations known to many tourists on private tours Paris. However, there is much more to these places that you might not know.

The Hidden Apartment of Gustave Eiffel

Many visitors consider the Eiffel Tower a tall skyscraper that changed the landscape of Paris city. That is why the monument tops the list of many must-visit places in Paris alongside the surrounding hubs of the tower. However, when on private tours Paris, you may come to know about Gustave Eiffel and his private apartment placed thousands of feet above the Eiffel Tower. The apartment of Gustave Eiffel is a secret to many, although still being the same place where the man behind the monument’s architectural framework used to entertain notable guests such as Thomas Edison.

The Beehives of Jardin de Luxembourg

The Jardin de Luxembourg is a 55-acre park replete with gardens, more than hundreds of statues, a historic carousel, and several playgrounds. Residing in a hidden corner of Jardin de Luxembourg is a dozen beehives. Surprising it may seem, but some know that the park in Paris is home to a colony of honeybees. If you include the park to the Parisian itinerary, then you can get to know what goes into the beekeeping school in Jardin de Luxembourg garden headed by beekeeper Jean Pauchon.

The Louvre Museum Pyramid

The shopping mall resides in the underground portion of Louvre Museum and features the pyramide inversée aside from other artifacts. The Louvre pyramid above is anchored by the pyramide inversée, the inverted glass pyramid below.

Pei Cobb Freed & Partners designed the pyramide inversée by drawing inspiration from Pei’s main Louvre pyramid and placed it inverted above a stone pyramid in Carrousel du Louvre. This is why it is also known as the inverted pyramid. When on private tours Paris, the Louvre Museum and Carrousel du Louvre is worth a visit as well, in addition to the said “secret” places within the famous tourist hubs.