7 Best Things to Do near Louvre Museum

Private Louvre Museum Tour

Paris Tourist Attractions

It certainly does not make sense to ignore the massive structures and artifacts you see while at the Louvre. That said, any seasoned traveler would agree there is lots more left to do after you finish with those two things. Inside a radius of about 2 km, you get to catch numerous statues, monuments, ethnic food spots, rivers and whatnot. Below is a list of some that you should not miss.

Place De La Concorde

The best thing is that you do not actually need to plan visiting this place directly; it will be in view once you step of Louvre via the Tuileries Garden. It is basically a French square, despite the octagonal shape, and stands at the heart of the city. It is representative of the artistic outlook that crept into Parisian culture during the Age of Enlightenment.

A Ride around the City On Tuk-Tuk

The more enjoyable private Louvre museum tour feature rides that take you around Paris on a Tuk-Tuk. One can explore a lot of the city in these three-wheeled vehicles, and the experience is definitely one for posterity.

Shop at the Archways on Rue de Rivoli

These archways extend from Place de la Concorde to Statue of Joan of Arc. A curious shopper could spot everything from Anglo Saxon books to personalized items from boutiques. Delicious pastries, tea, gourmet and a lot more can be had here, based on what you want.

Turn Around Towards the Comédie-Française

Roads towards here are not taken much except by theater enthusiasts. The cultural institution is government-owned, and was established in the 17th century. A particular troop s known as Troup des Comediens Francies, performs here regularly. Interested tourists can sign up on the website if they want to catch a show.

Statue of Equestre De Louis Xiv

The bronze sculpture of this Equestrian king would surely turn heads, and reminds one closely of the old Roman hero Marcus Curtius. The pose struck by King Louis XIV itself is hard not to admire. They say the statue was reconstructed several times before ending up in its present shape.

A Peek at River Seine

The soul of Paris city, River Seine is one sight you should not leave the country without. It can be seen from any prominent structure inside the city, because everything in the latter’s construction was planned in such a manner. It divides the metropolis into the right and left banks.

A Look at the Statue of Molière

The effigy is sculpted in order to commemorate the remembrance of renowned French playwright, rue Richelieu. The large bronze bust depicts Molière in deep thought.