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There will be hardly any person who does not love to explore different places. There are many outstanding options to satisfy your wanderlust. One of the best destinations that you may consider during your holidays is the Paris city. In fact, the city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and the number of people flocking to Paris is increasing with every passing year.

There are many things that a traveler may think while planning a trip to Paris. It may include exploring the scenic beauty of the city, amazing monuments, amazing bistros, shopping opportunities, French wine, Parisian culture, and many more. Out of these, the popular French bistros in the city will be one of the main things that a traveler may consider on his Paris private tours. It is said that you can never eat bad in the French capital.

A standard French menu may include cloud-light macaroons, artisanal baguettes, two-course lunch, and a bottle of luxurious Ruby Red Bordeaux. You may march to any of the palatial bistros in Paris and enjoy an extravagant and overpriced meal. Note that the food scene in the city tends to get tastier by dawn. However, there is no excitement in venturing the clichéd restaurants and cafés in Paris. Instead, you may make your trip ever memorable by taking an off-menu route. Below is an exclusive guide to enjoy an off-menu trip that you may try on your Paris private tours.

Rue des Petits-Carreaux

This is one of the best food streets that is sure to offer everything that a foodie would yearn for. Start your food adventure by venturing the small, loaf bakery in rue des Petits-Carreaux. Their pillow-sized loaves are made delicious by lightly dusting it with flour and these stone-ground bread slices are baked slightly to give it a light-brown color. When you reach here, you can see many bunches of pillow-sized loaves that are arranged in such a way that it resembles the cushion arrangement in a hotel lobby.

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Apart from this, there are many other shops in the street that are dedicated to a particular product such as meat, cheese, wine, bakery, etc. If you head to the north, you can see some unique shops that sell a variety of candlesticks, floral shops, vintage shops, etc. In short, rue des Petits-Carreaux is a perfect destination to enjoy a budget-friendly picnic.

A Perfect Off-Menu Tour

You may start your day by purchasing any of the French bread varieties at any of the artisan baker shops in Paris. The main highlight here is that they serve different varieties of bread in unique ways such as leaf platters, embellished plates, and all. In case you prefer to have a good breakfast, you may ask them for a Bronze or a fig loaf – that is enough to make you feel full instantly. Monge baguettes are also a decent option.

It is recommended to distract yourself from some of the appealing desserts in these shops because it will be better to save them for your meals or dinner. So, stroll down the street to La Fromagerie. This is the perfect place for all the cheese-lovers out there. Here, you can see lumps of gorgonzola varieties besides mozzarella cheese that is clearly packed into softballs.

Once to enter the shop, you can see an overwhelming variety of cheese. Ask about different types of cheese to the shopkeeper so that you can pick the one that works well with your bread. Else, ask him to suggest one for your bread. You can also purchase some quince paste or jam at the cheesemongers’ condiments library here.

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When that’s done, head on to the grocery shop where you can purchase savoring blush red tomatoes, a bowl of fresh fruits and lettuce. Go to the rue de Montorgueil where you will get everything that you need such as Boudin blood sausage, peppery slices, rich champagne, wafer-thin slices of ham, etc.

Finally, wrap up your beyond-the-bistro tour by relishing some of the mouth-watering dessert varieties. For this, cross the street and you may see many patisserie shops where you can buy cakes, pastries, glossy glazed éclairs, and many more. Every dessert varieties at these shops are sure to pamper your taste buds.

If you prefer a vegan trip, or more of a contemporary style trip, you may consider one of the many food trucks on the streets of Paris. Currently, these eatery options are overtaking the field and more people now prefer to eat from food trucks rather than the palatial French bistros here. The main reason for this is the availability of a wide range of food varieties at an affordable price. This will be a great option, especially for tourists who are on a tight budget. You may save your food expenses and invest it in some other activities on your Paris private tours.