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Paris, the French capital on the banks of the Seine river has many iconic architectural structures both new and old. They have been part of many art, cultural and historical movements, witnessed revolutions, wars and part of many love stories. Each of them has very personal stories and can be destinations in Paris private tours. Writers, painters, photographers, film makers and architects visit these places for enlightenment and inspirations. So, a tour of the architectural wonders of Paris is necessary for any true lover of the city of dreams; read on to discover about modern Paris architecture.

Centre Georges Pompidou

It is one of the most radical building architectures designed and erected by architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers in the year 1977. The Musee National d’Art Moderne or the museum of modern art is housed inside Centre Georges Pompidou and is the largest modern art museum in Europe. The architecture itself is revolutionary where all the internal structures are exposed as if the skeleton envelopes the whole structure and thereby increasing the internal space. Also, there is a centre for music and acoustic research called IRCAM and a huge public library Bibliothèque Publique d’Information.

Palais de Tokyo Expansion

It is a museum that opened in 1937 exhibiting modern art, but had been neglected for decades leading to its deterioration. This is because it was sidelined upon the completion of Centre Pompidou in 1977 that began hosting modern art exhibitions. Finally, it was reopened in 2002 and everything inside it i.e. the structures has been kept raw. So the elements inside the building are allowed to age and decay rather than the clean room type atmosphere of other museums. The very few elements of modernity are strips of lights, the exposed cables and ventilation pipes.

The upper levels of the museum are bright and flooded with sunlight, whereas the lower levels have expansive tomblike ambience. Hence, it creates a contrast within the structural elements of the building that you will not find anywhere. Another interesting feature is that unlike the other museums there are no directed routes so that visitors can explore roaming around uninhabited thereby giving a sense of freedom. All these make Palais de Tokyo different from other museums that you find in Paris and must be part of Paris private tours.

National Library Of France

The National Library of France located on the banks of river Seine are four glittering glass towers and it is part of a long-term project. This was created as part of the modern monument movement of the 1980’s and early 1990’s that saw the creation of the controversial Glass Pyramid at the Louvre. As a result of its cultural significance and unique modern design, it is part of many Paris private tours.

So, when going on Paris private tour, make sure to visit these modern architectural monuments along with the old world charms.