Everything you Need to Know about 20th Arrondissement in Paris

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The 20th arrondissement of Paris is actually the last municipal district of the city which is located in the northeastern part of the city. These areas were populated by the groups of people belonging to the working class even from olden times. Private tours Paris to here would take you through the complex and unique beauty of the place, which cannot be easily forgotten.

A large number of immigrants who have migrated from different places stay here and this made the district popular among photographers. Many famous people, including Willy Ronis, had come to this place for creating a photographic documentary about the region.

Moreover, the place has captured the attention of many students and artists as you could get buildings and spacious studios at lower rents here. This would also take you through a unique metropolitan impression that is quite different from the charming city of Paris you are familiar with. All these things make the area more impressive and fascinating.

Things to Do

The place may not be as perfect as you want it to be, but it has a depth and an air of mystery surrounding it. You would be able to find vivid and colorful street art all throughout Rue Denoyez. The place also has many places to eat, where you would be able to enjoy a steaming mortar of Chinese noodles or Vietnamese Pho. The place is also popular for concerts, which are most likely to be hosted in locales like the La Bellevilloise. The place promises you with a wide range of activities and getting bored when this area is impossible.

Getting around

You would be able to find locality called Belleville in Paris’s 20th Arrondissement. Belleville is extended to the 11th arrondissement and also the Menilmontant or Gambetta area that is located towards the north of Père-Lachaise. You would be able to easily reach the 20th arrondissement if you would take line 2 or 11 of the Paris metro, which can also take you to the Pyrenées, Menilmontant, Père-Lachaise, and Belleville stops.

There are many wonderful sites to visit in the 20th arrondissement, which includes beautiful parks, cemeteries, and you could enjoy the night at any of the indie rock clubs of Belleville or Menilmontant. One of the most interesting highlights of this region is the event Ateliers Ouverts de Belleville, which is an annual open-house program during which the artists of the region open galleries and studios.