Where to Find Authentic French Food in Paris

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French cuisine is famous across the world for its rich and smooth flavors. It is a blend of a variety of tastes. There are a lot of restaurants all around the world that are solely dedicated to French cuisine. But what other place is better than the French capital for delving into the deliciousness of this wonderful cuisine? You can taste the authentic French food from a lot of restaurants, cafes and hotels in Paris that will provide you an excellent dining experience. We list some of such restaurants that serve the traditional French food with all its richness and delicacy. You should definitely include them in your Paris private tours.

Chez Dumonet

This is a true Parisian bistro that serves some fantastic French dishes. The menu here includes a wide range of classic items. For starter, try the marinated herring that will be brought to you in a large crock of neatly packed fish and you can serve it by yourself as you like.

When coming to the main course, one of the most famous dishes here is the duck confit, which is a delicious richness. The dish is super crispy on the outside and sticky and tender on the inside. The classic soufflé is one of the famous desserts in this restaurant. You have to certainly visit this restaurant during your Paris private tours, as it is promised to never disappoint you.

Au Pied de Cochon

This restaurant is famous for its wonderful dishes that are made of pork. This two-story building that has a beautiful interior which is decorated in a traditional style will be filled with a large number of Parisians and tourists all the time. The most renowned dish here is the eponymous pig’s foot which is really chewy, tender and porky all at once. If you are not satisfied with this alone, you can go for the “Temptation of Saint Anthony” option that provides a taste of the tail, snout and ear too.

Even if you are not interested in any of this, you will never get disappointed, as there are numerous other dishes that this restaurant serves. The French onion soup and also the succulent red wine braised pork are other dishes that will definitely fill your tummy and heart. For a complete dining experience, order a soft caramel filled chocolate cake or the warm crème brûlée for your dessert.

Restaurant Allard

This fantastic restaurant boasts a long history along with its classic French recipes. It is almost 84 years old and serves many traditional French dishes. Some of the famous items on the menu include foiegras with truffles, succulent escargot in herb butter, garlic frogs legs along with pan-fried sweetbreads, etc.

A la Biche au Bois

If you are craving for something different, this is a perfect destination to head to. Tender steaks of wild duck or deer that are becoming difficult to find in Parisian restaurants are their main specialty. You can also find many classic dishes including steak frites, coq au vin, and different varieties of homemade terrine.

In addition to the delicious food and good service, another thing that attracts people to this restaurant is their reasonable price ranges. There are fixed prices that are comparatively low for each and every dish. You can get a wide selection of items for your appetizer, main course and dessert. Add a bottle of wine along with your meal, and you will get a perfect dining experience during your Paris private tours.

Bistrot Paul Bert

They mainly focus on including quality ingredients in their foods. You can get a wide range of tasty dishes along with cheese selections. Enjoy the hand-cut fries with thick steaks and the combination of wild mushrooms with buttery monkfish. Complete your meal with a great wine from their well-stocked cellar and you will be mesmerized.

Le Comptoir du Relais

This restaurant was founded with the idea of bistronomie (bistro + gastronomy). It aims to serve the dishes with quality ingredients. It has created a lot of inventive dishes from the old classic recipes over the years. You can enjoy the dishes in a cozy and warm environment at a reasonable price.

The main attractions of this restaurant include Rack of lamb roasted along with thyme, beef cheeks braised in red wine and also the luscious and tender bone marrow. There is no wonder why this restaurant attracts a huge number of food lovers all the time.

Café Constant

This is a charming and elegant Parisian bistro that serves many traditional dishes that are crafted with perfection at a fair price. There are different starters including homemade foiegras, and the main course mostly includes comfort foods like grilled fish with ratatouille, herb butter roasted chicken, etc.