How To Manage Your Dog While On Your Paris Tour

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For those who are lovers of pets, it is very difficult to be separated from them even at the time of their journey. Rather than leaving the pets unattended at home, travelers usually prefer to take the pets, especially dogs along with them in their tours. If you are planning to take your pet dog along with you on your Paris trip, you must know how to manage your pet in the city. Though there are pet-friendly places in the city, you must also know that there are some areas where pets are not allowed in Paris.

Here are some important things you must know regarding the proper management and care of your pet dogs during your Paris tours.

Places Where Pet Dogs Are Allowed And Not Allowed

The pet dogs are often allowed into restaurants but not into the museums. You are not allowed to take your pet dog into the museum even in a doggie carrier. Taking them to places like bakeries, post offices, and boutiques depends on the kind of dog you have and the mentality of the people who work there.

The pet dogs are not generally allowed inside the food stores. However, when you are visiting a supermarket you are free to tie your pet outside the store in a place where it will remain safe, and will not pose a threat to anyone.

Dogs are not entertained in the local open-air markets as well. The police or the stall owners might chastise you if you take your dog to the open-air market. You are free to take your dog with you while you travel on the metro or the bus, provided they are in a carrying bag. Riding in the RER with your dog is permitted, if the dog is on a leash and muzzled or if it is in the carrying bag. The ride for the dog will be free if it is in a sac or else you will have to take a ticket for the dog.

Most of the hotels in the city accept the pet dogs along with their owners. When you are planning to travel by taxi with your dog, make sure beforehand that they are okay with riding your dog because some taxis do not permit that.

 Walking With Your Dog

It is necessary that your dog must be on a leash while you walk with it on the road. Unfortunately, there are no parks in Paris, which are dog-friendly. But you might explore some special areas in some parks where you are allowed to walk with your dog. Bercy Village seems to be an ideal place for you to spend time with your dog.