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The vast range of highlights in the French capital can make it really challenging to get around in the city, especially for a first-time visitor. You may probably have to deal with the jet lag issues, currency problems, language barriers, figuring out the right public transit, and whatnot.

Out of these, the finding the right transit options will be the most important one since it can either make or break the overall experience of your trip. Worry not, below are some useful transit options that you may consider to make your private tours Paris easier and comfortable.


One of the ideal transit options that you may rely on during your Paris sightseeing tours is the grey colored Velib bikes. Here, the main advantage is that you can enjoy almost every popular landmark in Paris at your own pace. Furthermore, bike riding will be a perfect option for all the travelers who love sightseeing and enjoy exercising at the same time.

You can easily rent bikes from any of the nearby stations; there are bike rental shops at every nook and cranny of the city too. If you plan a short trip of 7 days, it is better to purchase a 7-day ticket online or using the ticket vending machines employed at every station. However, make sure to strictly follow the traffic rules in Paris since the punishment and fine for traffic rule violation is really severe here.


Of course, the quickest and easiest way to get around the French capital is by means of metro trains. However, metro stations will be really crowded since almost every Parisian uses the mode of travel in order to meet their everyday transportation needs. So, you can expect long queues of commuters at metro stations purchasing their tickets.

In order to avoid this crowd, it is better to either get a metro card or buy your tickets in bulk. Furthermore, most of the attractions in Paris are at an accessible distance from the city center. So, you can skip the metro trains and instead walk a bit in order to save on your transportation expenses too.


If you prefer to venture your favorite attractions at a quick speed, relying on cab services will be a brilliant and luxurious option. Unlike most other cities, you can see taxi stands at almost every corner of the French capital. However, it is better to pre-book your taxi if you intend to use their services for a number of days.

Remember that this will not be a great option for budget-friendly travelers on private tours Paris since the meters of most online taxis will start running as soon as you call the driver. In other words, you may end up paying for extra miles that you have not even covered.