Thing to Watch When Getting Fast Food or Street Eats in Paris

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Paris is famous for the variety of tasty street foods it has on offer. The best part for the average tourist is that they are not injected with a need to seek out high-priced fares while in this magnificent city. This holds truest at places that are heavily loaded with tourists, although you would still be running some risk of an upset stomach; that danger persists regardless what point on the map you are. When it comes to street food, the smart move is to prefer and find places where excellent quality fares are available.

Sandwiches and Quiches

You would be able to grab an awesome range of sandwiches at different eateries and food trucks in Paris. The sheer variety means you could be enjoying an appetizing sandwich, a savory tart or a quiche for under 5 Euros. Generally popular after that is the activity of enjoying one or more of the wealth of awesome desserts and other sweet goodies you find here. There are a number of bakeries in and around all the major streets in Paris, each offering a decent lunch and multiple kinds of sandwiches.

The rule which you have to follow here involves keeping away from those street vendors who sell traditional sandwiches, and only buy from authentic bakers. You would be able to distinguish based on what the sign says – if you see Boulangerie (bakery) or sandwiches et boissons (sandwiches and drinks), then you have a green light. If all you see is someone selling bread loaves along with snacks and sandwiches, then you have cause to be weary. Only real bakeries serve fresh bread, and a more hygienic filling of tuna and mayonnaise.


In Paris, you could also get adequate amounts of tasty and cheap crepes. However, in order to get the best quality crepes, you would have to learn to identify the good spots selling these in the city. You should be able to understand this by looking at how the vendor serves the dish, and things like whether he re-heats pre-made crepes or makes them in front of you. The second guarantees hygiene and quality, and also lets you watch and enjoy the preparation of the dish. Also take a close look at the ingredients used; if they look fresh, then you have reason to prefer that particular vendor for a snack.