Things to Do around the Notre Dame Cathedral

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The Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the iconic landmarks of Paris. However, many travelers tend to miss out on the several beautiful attractions that surround the Cathedral vicinity. Many of these attractions are even more engaging than a private Louvre Museum tour. Take for instance the following attractions around the Notre Dame, which make it a must-visit place during your Paris tour.

Explore the Intricate Details of the Cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral front has several beautiful designs with deep meaning. First, there are several symbols inscribed straight from the Bible. The main door is a representation of the Last Judgment. You can find the ‘Elected People’ on the right side of the sculpture, headed towards the ‘Promised Paradise’.

Unlike a private Louvre Museum tour, there are fewer artifacts in the Cathedral. However, there is a representation of Jesus as the Lord here, seated on the throne and set to save humanity.

The Notre Dame Cathedral was built in 1220, and has an attractive window in rose hues and represents the opposition between sins and virtues. The Virgin Mary can be seen at the center bearing the God-child. There is another rose in the right part of the nave; this one is 10 meters tall and shows the scenes of the New Testament.

The view from the top of the Notre Dame is a sight to behold. With a 360-degree view of the Paris skyline, you can see the Châtelet, the Seine river, the Latin quarter, the Eiffel Tower, and the garden of the Cathedral from here. You can also see the gargoyles and their different shapes from up close.

Take a Stroll beside the Cathedral

There are several things to discover besides the illustrious Notre Dame Cathedral here. You can go on to the right side to find the Jean XXIII garden. One can spot several flying buttresses here. Further, the Cathedral is illuminated by brilliant lighting at night, and the vintage looks of the 13th Century structure get really accentuated.

There is an attractive little bookstore nearby the Notre Dame Cathedral, called Shakespeare and Company. Its frontage is designed in such a way to resemble the medieval establishments. It also has a great collection of books and has bookshelves up to the ceiling. You can find elaborate collections of British Architecture and second-hand books of different price ranges.

Walk a little further from the Notre Dame and you will spot the Saint Micheal Fountain. Created by the Parisian architect Georges-Eugène Haussmann, this place has a representation of good battling the evil. This place is definitely worth a visit on your Paris private tours.