Visiting Hidden Tourist Destinations in Paris

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Hidden Tourist Destinations

There are many places hidden to tourists who visit the French capital. Paris is renowned for its districts, cathedrals and the Catacombes De Paris. If you want to freak out with your tour crew, there is perhaps no scary place than the city of Paris!

Experiencing Heat Down Under

The most well-known remains of old Paris are the catacombs down under first Avenue, fourteenth district. About six million people were buried there, the signs of which can be seen even today. In fact, right at the entrance of this underground tourist destination is a signboard reading: “Stop! Here lies the Empire of the Death”. That is just to invite you into the tunnels, which maintain an even temperature for the public.

Street View of Les Thermes De Cluny

Paris private tours get absorbed in the remains of thermal baths at De Cluny. You could hardly notice the bathrooms today, because two third of the place belongs to National du Moyen. The frigidarium room from the street above holds in place Gallo-Roman paintings belonging to the Roman Empire. The barbarians loved this place then and had accessed it comfortably.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

You may be in private tours Paris, and can explore the remains of Notre Dame that is open for Archeological studies. Underneath the Notre Dame Cathedral lies a vault museum displaying the history of Paris from 300 AD to 1980. Coincidentally, it was in 1981 that Raiders of the Lost Ark got released! What a coincidence!

Visiting the Paris Metros

Paris metros have undergone major revamps and some of the metros have turned into exiled stations. You can go and visit about 303 active stationsin your Paris private tour. Due to the complexity of the stations, the French government used to close and reopen these metros during World War II. The Arsenal M5 is one such station residing under Metro line 5.

The metros are named Red and Yellow for the comfort of users. Think of going with a linear route map as you visit Metro line 5 or any other tourist destination on private tours Paris. There is a metro to the Catacombs as well!