Why Go to the Château De Chantilly Bordering Paris City

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The Château de Chantilly is a castle residing just outside of Paris city. Château de Chantilly might do it for you if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the City of Lights and explore what lies beyond Paris.

There are many places accessible from Paris city and Château de Chantilly is one of them. Below are a few reasons why you must pay a visit to Château de Chantilly if you are on a Paris tour.

The Fairytale-Styled Castle

The castle placement is conceived in the middle of a moat as defensive tactics by the French renaissance governance of the bygone times. The Château de Chantilly also has the kind of architectural design, which takes cues from French Renaissance architecture. The castle resembles a fairytale setting that you may see from time to time in the movies.

The Renaissance Arts Museum

The castle features the Musée Condé that showcases a large collection of renaissance arts in France second only to Louvre it is being said. Being decorated in plush reds, the museum tends to be less crowded than the Louvre, but the collections here is equally impressive to Louvre.

Musée Condé features the works from Botticelli, Van Dyck, and Raphael. Like any other museum in France, the Musée Condé is sure to excite the art enthusiast in all on private tours Paris.

The Chantilly Gardens and Village

The gardens that span 115 hectares were designed by André Le Nôtre, a landscape architect cum the gardener of King Louis XIV of France. The architect is known for designing the Versailles featuring in most of the private tours Paris and also the Chantilly Gardens.

Set deeper into the gardens resides the village made up of seven rustic cottages having plush interiors. If you are into photography, the Chantilly gardens and the village are worth the visit.

The Horse Races

The Château de Chantilly plays hosts to the horse racing events occurring all year in the Chantilly racecourse bordering the Chantilly forests. The notable horse racing events held here will comprise of the Prix de Diane and the Prix du Jockey Club.

Going to the races will always be much anticipated by the visitors here, so plan your visit to this place and reserve tickets with time in hand to get a place amid the crowds. The landscape also gives some picture postcard views featuring the castle in the distant backdrop.